Contemporary Arts Centre & Artists’ Residency

Paillard Contemporary Arts Centreis an alternative space founded by artists to support projects in all fields of contemporary art. The main missions of the association are production, exposition and diffusion of works in both fine and performing contemporary art. Our aim is to forward current cultural issues and interests while exchanging with and promoting the French rural and regional communities of the Sarthe, the Loire and Cher and the Indre and Loire.

2012 begins with the exposition de Katinka Bock & Guillaume Leblon, the first in the series ZUGZWANG 2012-2013, a compilation of art works and artistic pursuits that refer in a unique way to landscape. Zugzwang (or movement bound) is a German word which pushes forward physically, and corresponds to the sensation felt during the situation of being caught in a trap forcing displacement. The works we intend to bring together use repositioning, either of the viewer or through an isolation of subject from intent or an implemented succession. These are the grounds for an aesthetic research project  initiated by Paillard.